About my work,

I am an Argentine born web and graphic designer, illustrator and enthusiastic photographer.
Soon after graduating in Graphic Design and Visual Communications, I focused my studies on animation and new technologies. In 2001, I obtained an internship to work for one year as a trainee in Pugmarks Interweb in India. I worked with a team experimenting with animation and developing multimedia solutions for various local companies.

I returned to Argentina where I formed my own studio working as a freelancer, with a focus on mobile solutions. I worked as a consulting designer for a local company, conceptualizing and designing graphic campaigns for mobile devices and bluetooth marketing. In 2003, I began working in web design and consulting for certain global clients, at which point I was contracted by Modulis Canada and Proprio Solo in Canada.

A couple of years in and this led me to Montreal where I am currently working and living. What drew me to this city and enticed me to stay on, is its multicultural aspect. I enjoy analyzing and questioning our modern lifestyles from different cultural points of view. As a designer, my intent in my work is to observe and assess our identity as a modern society with which to constantly evolve my ideas and outlook.

In my professional practice, I approach each project as an integrated communication campaign that may include editorial design, branding and web solutions, while giving great importance to typography, photography and colour. I am currently experimenting with web video for a personal project that incorporates illustrations and photography.

…about this site:

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