Tourika, The Urban Experience

A colorful print and digital campaign for New York travelers.

Web responsive site.
Print campaign for New York travel packages.
Print ad for Montreal metro railways.

Tourika is a travel agency located in Montreal that specializes in travel packages around the US. The objective was to create a print and web campaign to promote the different travel packages to New York, and to offer the users all the different and exciting possibilities. To portray this, I showed the main landmarks using three different colours depending on the package categories: blue for the prestigious and those who like the night life, orange for the autocar

option and red for independent travelers who like to explore the city without a fixed agenda. The campaign included flash banners for web, print flyers and posters that were shown in the trains of the Montreal metro. This was followed by a new design for their corporate website, for which I created a blog style design, where the users can submit their comments, participate in ongoing promotions and learn how to customize the wide range of options that the site offers.