Olympic Park of Montréal

I am currently employed as a graphic designer and art director at the Olympic Park of Montréal. My approach as a designer involves creating graphics that serve as reusable components, much like a design system adaptable across all our advertising platforms: print, digital, signage, and web. 

One of the most captivating aspects of my role is discovering opportunities to apply our creative campaigns to craft environmental interventions, transforming spaces into vibrant and inviting areas while also serving as guides for visitors.

The visual timeline I created for RUE DES BILLETS (Ticket Street) is a freely accessible outdoor installation deployed along a 50-meter wall. It commemorates the history of the Olympic Games.

Above and below: With vibrant spaces, pictograms, and playful installations, the Family Locker Room at the Sport Center provides an immersive experience for our clients.

Below: THE BIXI STATION, a large-scale installation for BIXI located at the entrance of the Sport Center. BIXI is a widely popular public self-service bicycle sharing system in Montréal.

Below: LE STUDIO features signage and wall installations for the business lounge room. Wall installations for the new TRIATHLON Training Room.

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